Passport Applications

You  need a Canada passport application form if you need to get your first Canadian passport, renew your Canadian passport or replace a lost or stolen Canadian passport. In a world where foreign travel is common-place everyone needs to keep their Canadian passport up-to-date. It doesn’t matter if you need a Canada passport from the US, Australia or the UK, you can download the free Canada Passport Application Pack so long as you qualify as a Canadian citizen.

Canadian passports are issued to anyone who can prove their Canadian nationality. Holding a Canadian passport entitles the bearer to freedom of movement and the right to work and live in Canada. Canada passports are the most common travel document issued to Canadian nationals. Holding a Canadian passport is a big convenience as it exempts Canadian nationals from applying for visas to travel to many other countries because Canada has many reciprocal visa waiver agreements around the world. The Canadian passports are issued exclusively by Passport Canada and are valid for 5 years, except Canadian passports for children under 3, which are valid for three years.

Canadian passports  are valid for traveling to any country in the world. Some countries require Canadian nationals to obtain a visa additionally to having a valid Canada passport before they enter this country. In 2009, 56.2% of Canadians held a valid Canadian passport. Starting 2012, electronic passports or e-passport will be issued to Canadian citizens. A pilot project began in 2009, with e-passports being issued to special and diplomatic passport applicants.

The Canadian passports confirm the nationality of its holder, and therefore the rights of assistance from a Canadian Embassy or consulate offices abroad. If a Canadian citizen has lost their passport, or it was stolen, they can approach the Canadian embassy abroad for a right to return to Canada, provided they can prove their Canadian nationality.

Official Canada passport application forms can be bewildering and totally confusing and failure to complete Canadian passport application forms accurately results in long delays. IVT offers Canadian citizens around the world free Canadian Passport Application Packs enabling Canadian citizens to complete and submit passport applications correctly and accurately for first-time Canadian passports, lost and stolen Canadian passports as well as Canadian passport renewals.


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