FAST Card Document Requirements for Canadian Truckers

FAST card truck applicants must make sure that they can produce the correct documentation at their FAST interview. FAST interviews are held at a FAST Enrolment Center of the applicant’s choice. All documents must be originals and not copies. Failure to produce the right supporting documents will result in your FAST membership being denied. All Canadian truckers applying for FAST card must produce the following original documents at their interview although they may not have to show every piece of documentation listed below as requirements vary between enrolment centers and interviewing officers:

Proof of Citizenship

You must show one of the following documents to prove your citizenship status:


  • valid passport
  • birth certificate and photo ID
  • Canadian citizenship certificate (with photo) or card
  • Certificate of Indian Status

United States

  • valid passport
  • birth certificate and photo ID
  • U.S. citizenship certificate
  • certificate of naturalization

Proof of Residency

If you are an American or Canadian permanent resident you must show one of the following documents in addition to proof of citizenship.


United States

  • valid permanent resident card (known as a green card)
  • valid Canadian visa if relevant

Proof of Current Address

You must be able to prove that the address provided on your application form is the one at which you reside permanently. Any of the following documents will prove this:

  • valid driver’s licence
  • other provincial identification card
  • other federal identification card
  • current utility bill,
  • current bank statement
  • valid rental agreement
  • valid mortgage statement

Other Documentation

If you are a permanent resident who works or studies in Canada or the United States, you must provide the original copy of your work or study visa. If you have received a Canada pardon or a US Waiver of Inadmissibility you must also take these documents to the interview.

IVT does not guarantee approval for any Trusted Traveler program. Inaccurate or incomplete FAST pass application forms are automatically denied access to the FAST cards program.

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