FAST Card Program Requirements

The FAST card program requires all truckers who apply to meet with certain criteria in order to qualify as a low risk driver. FAST drivers must be:

  • Canadian citizens or legal permanent residents (permanent residents must belong to the visa waiver program or have a valid US visa in order to enter the USA)
  • 18 years or over
  • Hold a valid Canadian or US drivers licence
  • Have a clean criminal record (or hold US waivers and/or US and Canadian pardons)
  • Have no immigration violations

Truckers applying for the FAST Card Program will be subject to a risk assessment by Canada Border Services Agency, US Customs and Border Protection and law enforcement agencies from both countries. If you are deemed a low risk driver you will qualify for a FAST pass. The awarding of FAST passes means that both Canada and US border agencies can spend more time processing high risk or unknown risk drivers. FAST Cards are valid for 5 years. Truckers are responsible for keeping CBSA informed of changes to their personal data e.g. change of address, change in immigration status, new passport etc.

Benefits of the FAST Trucker Card

There are numerous benefits for truckers who hold a FAST pass:

  • Greater chance of employment; most Canadian employers now require all drivers to be FAST Card holders
  • Faster border crossings because of dedicated FAST lanes
  • FAST card is an alternative to a passport and can be used in all lanes (Regular, NEXUS and FAST) at land and sea crossings. You do not have to drive a truck to use your FAST card as a passport alternative
  • Reduced delivery times and landed import costs
  • Reduced paperwork; there is no requirement to transmit data for every commercial trip over the border and FAST truckers fill our less paperwork

Complying with FAST Card Rules

FAST drivers must comply with the rules of the FAST pass program. Failure to do so will mean that your FAST Driver Pass will be revoked. Rules of the program are as follows:

  • You must be able to present a valid FAST card if you use the FAST lane
  • Only use the FAST lane if everyone in the cab has a FAST card. Dropping passengers off before the FAST lane violates the program
  • Conform with the immigration rules for both USA and Canada regarding ‘cabotage’ and ‘point to point’
  • Notify a FAST Card Enrolment center if the personal information listed on your FAST card application changes e.g. if you change address or get a criminal record.

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