FAST Pass Canada FAQs

Read some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the FAST pass program Canada. IVT’s simplified application form makes it easy to get your FAST pass.

FAST Trusted Traveler Program FAQS

This lane can only be used by truck drivers who hold a FAST pass. It allows them to cross the border quickly without long queues and lots of questions at customs and immigration. The equivalent lane for passenger vehicles is the NEXUS lane in the North and the SENTRI lane in the South.

The speed pass is called FAST card, which stands for ‘Free And Secure Trade.’ It is issued to low risk truckers who apply to join the FAST program. It allows truckers to cross from Canada into the United States and Mexico by using dedicated FAST lanes. Truck drivers who hold the card have less customs and immigration paperwork to contend with and do not have to wait in line at the border.

Yes. FAST card is an alternative passport when driving between the Canada, the USA and Mexico. Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (Canada is a participant) the FAST card along with the enhanced driver’s license, the NEXUS card  and Mexican SENTRI pass are recognized as acceptable equivalent documents to a valid passport. This law was brought into force on June 1, 2009.

If you have a criminal record or have violated immigration laws you will not qualify for a FAST driver pass because you will not be considered a low risk driver. It doesn’t matter how long ago your offense was committed or how minor it may seem (parking violations do not count against you on the FAST program) unless you have a US waiver of inadmissibility and or a Canadian pardon you will not be allowed to cross. 

If you are a Canadian citizen you do not need a b1 visa to cross the US Canada border or the US Mexican border providing your stay does not exceed 90 days. If you are a Canadian permanent resident you may need a visa to cross but this depends on your nationality and whether your home country has a visa waiver agreement with the US. If you are a permanent resident applying for a FAST card you must show your US visa to the officer at the FAST interview.

The interview varies between enrolment centers; you will be asked many of the questions that you have answered on your FAST application form. Whilst this is frustrating you should answer the interview questions politely and truthfully. The questions asked at the interview are straightforward.

Your FAST interview will take place at one of the FAST enrolment centers. You can choose the location that best suits you.

It is valid for 5 years from the date of issue after which time it must be renewed. You can renew FAST pass by applying online through the government enrolment system known as GOES. You will have to submit a new application and the process is exactly the same as if you were a first time applicant. If you need a simplified version of the government FAST application form you can use IVT’s services.

From the moment you submit your application form it takes around 1 to 3 months for it to be checked by US and Canada border control and law enforcement authorities. Once you are conditionally approved for the program you can schedule an interview at the location of your choice, some FAST enrolment centers have longer wait times than others. It then takes 7 to 10 days to get your card in the mail.

The program began after 9/11 as part of the US government’s effort to secure the United States borders without jeopardizing the flow of trade. Over 100,000 truckers now belong to the FAST program.

There are two ways you can get a FAST pass. You can apply for FAST online with the government site known as GOES or you can download the simplified version of the FAST application form and we will file it on your behalf. If you file online with the government you must ensure that you understand and answer all of the questions and that you provide detailed information, which can be supported by documents at your FAST interview.

Yes you can reapply as many times as you wish but you must allow a full 90 days to elapse from the date printed on your denial letter. You should address the reasons why you were denied in the first place; if you have a criminal record you should get either a US waiver of admissibility or a Canadian pardon or in some cases both before you reapply. IVT offer a 50% discount off our standard filing fee for FAST denials providing you can give us your GOES ID and password. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

You can print off a FAST application form here and fill it in by hand. The form is a simplified version of the online form and much better for those people who hate online forms.

If you applied for your FAST pass using our services we will schedule your FAST appointment for you at a time and date convenient for you. If you registered for FAST online using the GOES enrolment system you must schedule your interview yourself once you have been conditionally approved. You have to keep checking in to your GOES account to see if your status has been changed and you must be PC literate in order to use the system.

IVT does not guarantee approval for any Trusted Traveler program. Inaccurate or incomplete NEXUS pass application forms are automatically denied access to the NEXUS cards program.

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