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NEXUS Trusted Traveler Program FAQS (33)

There are two fees that must be paid in order to apply for the NEXUS program:

1. IVT service fee (paid through PayPal) of $129.99 for your application review, checks, processing and monitoring.
2. Customs and Border Protection fee of $50, which is paid with the credit card you provided on the application form. This fee covers your background and law enforcement checks and is non-refundable.

Biometric data is collected at the Nexus interview. It is a way of using a person’s unique physical characteristics to validate their identity. Nexus biometric data consists of taking digital fingerprints, an iris scan if the pass is to be used for air travel and a facial photograph; this info is stored on your Nexus card along with the other details provided on your application form.  The process is non-invasive and takes a few minutes to complete. You can refuse to have the iris scan done but you cannot refuse the fingerprinting or photo.

FAST Trusted Traveler Program FAQS (14)

You can print off a FAST application form here and fill it in by hand. The form is a simplified version of the online form and much better for those people who hate online forms.

If you applied for your FAST pass using our services we will schedule your FAST appointment for you at a time and date convenient for you. If you registered for FAST online using the GOES enrolment system you must schedule your interview yourself once you have been conditionally approved. You have to keep checking in to your GOES account to see if your status has been changed and you must be PC literate in order to use the system.


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