US Visa Document Requirements

When you book your US visa appointment at one of the US Consulates in Canada or the Embassy in Ottawa, you must gather all of the required supporting documents to present at your US visa interview. You will be denied your US visa if you fail to submit these documents.

Confirmation Documents

You must take your DS-160 confirmation page, which contains your digital signature and a unique barcode. In addition to this you must also present the MRV transaction fee as proof that your visa application to the US government has been paid for.

Supporting Documents

In addition to the above documents you must also present the following documents:

  • Your valid, machine-readable passport with at least 6 months remaining validity.
  • Original immigration documents showing your legal status in Canada e.g. your permanent resident card or current visa document. If you were previously in the US you must show your immigration documents from this period.
  • Official translations of all documents not written in English
  • Details of any criminal records, US waivers and Canadian pardons if applicable

If you are applying for a US student visa, temporary visa or company transfer visa you will need to bring I-20, I-20M or DS-2019, SEVIS fee receipt and proof of funds in the form of six months worth of recent bank statements.

Additional Documentation Proving Ties to Home

Non-immigrant visas last for a specific period, after which you must leave the USA or apply for a new visa. The temporary nature of a US visa means that you must prove to the immigration officer at your visa interview that you intend to leave the USA when your visa expires.  You must do this by proving ties to your home country or to Canada where you now live. The following documentation proves ties to Canada:

  • A letter of employment; Letters of employment should be written on company letterhead and be signed by your employer. The employer’s full name, address and phone number along with the nature of his / her business should be clearly typed. The letter must also give your full name, your job title, the date you commenced employment, and your current wage. If your stay in the US is related to your work, this must be clearly explained in the letter
  • Canadian permanent resident card
  • Gas, electric, water, cable TV and internet bills for the last 3 months showing your name and address
  • Documents proving property ownership in another country or a rental agreement
  • Insurance policies showing you as the policy holder OR the beneficiary
  • Original valid identity documents like a Driver’s License, Health Card, Car Insurance
  • Up-to-date bank statements

US Visa Fees

You must pay a visa application fee to the US government and obtain a Macine Readable Visa (MRV) transaction slip, which proves your fee has been paid. The fee for B1, B2, F1, J1 visas is $140 and $150 for H, L, O, P, Q, R visas.

Consulate Restrictions

You must adhere to strict Consulate rules, which prohibit you from bringing food, drinks, backpacks, luggage, purses, cell phones and ANY electronic equipment. 


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