Canada Permanent Residence

Canada permanent residence is granted to foreign nationals who immigrate to the country legally.  Permanent residents have more rights than visitors t, but not all the rights of a Canadian citizen as they are still residents of their own countries. Permanent residents and their dependants have certain rights and obligations:

  • the right to receive social benefits that Canadian citizens receive
  • the right to live, work or study anywhere in the country
  • the right to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • the obligation to pay taxes
  • the obligation to respect all Canadian laws at federal and local level

However, there are certain restrictions associated with permanent residence. Permanent residents are not allowed to:

  • Vote or run for political office.
  • Work at certain institutions that require a high-level security clearance.
  • Remain in the country if they are convicted of a serious criminal offence and ordered to leave the country.

Permanent Resident Card

The permanent resident card is a proof of legal status. New immigrants receive  permanent residency card within four weeks of arriving in Canada. The Permanent Resident Card is valid for 5 years. Landed immigrants need it when they return to Canada after travelling abroad.

SIN Card

Canada SIN card is an essential document that is used very frequently, for example when a permanent resident has  found employment, is applying for unemployment insurance, or is filing taxes. The  SIN Card is given to every person who enters the country  legally. If you need a new SIN card, replace or renew a SIN card you can download Canada SIN card application pack here

Residency Obligations

There is a time limit on how long a permanent resident can live outside the country. In order to keep their status as a permanent resident, they must live in Canada for at least two years within each five-year period. In order to meet the obligation, they have  to be physically present in the country unless they are outside the country for one of the following reasons:

  • accompanying a partner who is a Canadian citizen, or
  • working for a Canadian business or the federal or a provincial public service, or
  • accompanying  a partner who is a permanent resident and is working for a Canadian business or the federal or a provincial public service

Losing Permanent Resident Status

A permanent resident can lose their  status and be ordered to leave the country for any of these reasons:

  • They do not fulfill the  Residency Obligations
  • They used false documents in the process of applying for permanent residence
  • they were convicted of a serious crime
  • they are  suspected in involvement in espionage, terrorism activities or organised crime
  • they are  suspected of trafficking and money laundering
  • they are suspected of committing war crimes or crimes against the humanity outside Canada


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