Canadian Citizenship Test Pack

Free information guide for Canadian Citizenship Test Pack

The Canadian citizenship test is now required for permanent residents who want to apply for Canadian citizenship.  You must take the test if you are between the ages of 18 and 54, and meet the basic requirements for citizenship. You may also have to take the test if you are applying to retain your citizenship. The Canadian citizenship test is not just a formality. In order to pass it, it is essential to be prepared. The test measures your knowledge of Canada and your English/French language skills. You will be asked questions related to the Canadian political and electoral  system, the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens, Canadian social and cultural symbols as well as Canadian geography. The free IVT Canadian Citizenship Test Pack helps to prepare future Canadian citizens for the Citizenship test.


Test Pack Procedure

1. Click the ‘Download Application’ button to access the free Canada Citizenship Test Pack
2. Read and follow the instructions on how to prepare for your Citizenship test
3. Practise the test questions included in the pack
4.Sit and pass your Citizenship Test

Test Pack Contents

  • Details of the test e.g its duration
  • Location of test centers
  • Success strategies
  • Canadian Citizenship test questions and answers, for your Canadian citizenship preparation. Buyng our test pack, you will maximize your chances of getting a Canadian citizenship.

When you have successfully passed the Canadian Citizenship test, you can apply for the Canadian Naturalization or Canadian Citizenship Application Pack.


Terms and Conditions

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