Skilled Worker Visa

Free information guide for Skilled Worker Visa

Canada admits around 2 in 5 new immigrants under the Skilled Worker class. Skilled workers from all over the world can apply to come to Canada as permanent residents providing they meet the required education, work experience and French or English language ability. Skilled workers are much in demand and the range of occupations covered under this class of immigration covers everything from medical professionals to qualified caterers. There are two skilled worker programs: the federal skilled worker program and the Quebec Skilled Worker class. The province of Quebec selects immigrants according to its needs and issues a Certificate de Selection du Quebec. The government of Canada will then check the admissibility of the applicant.


This free application pack is a guide for applying for immigration to Canada under the Skilled Worker class and will help you in filling out your skilled worker application.

Application Procedure

1. Click the ‘Download Application’ button to access the free Skilled Worker Application Pack
2. Read and follow the instructions on how to prepare your application
3. Fill out the application forms included in the pack
4. Deliver or courier your complete application package to the address provided in the pack
5. Receive your Skilled Worker visa


Application Pack Contents

  • Information on the skilled worker class
  • Information on the Points System
  • Information on bringing your dependents to Canada
  • Links to free pre-assessment questionnaires
  • Application forms with step-by-step instructions
  • List of required supporting documentation
  • Photo Specification Guide
  • How to pay your fees
  • Where to submit your application
  • Where to get a police clearance and medical examination

Terms and Conditions

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