Temporary Work Permit

Free information guide for Temporary Work Permit

Each year more than 150,000 foreign workers come to Canada on temporary work permits. Their presence in the labor market helps Canadian companies to fill the jobs where there are still skill shortages. Any foreign worker who wishes to come to Canada to work on a temporary basis must obtain a work permit first. Foreign workers with certain skills who want to come to Canada to work permanently should download the free Skilled Worker Application Pack

IVT’s free Temporary Work Permit Application Pack is a guide for anyone who wishes to work in Canada temporarily. It has been designed to help applicants fill out the work permit application form, which is included in the pack.

Once a foreign worker has gained experience in the Canadian labor market they may qualify for a permanent residence visa under the Canada Experience Class

Application Pack Procedure

1. Click the ‘Download Application’ button to access the free Temporary Worker Application Pack
2. Read and follow the instructions on how to prepare your application
3. Fill out the application forms included in the pack
4. Deliver or courier your complete application package to the address provided in the pack
5. Receive a temporary work visa to Canada


Application Pack Contents

  • Information on the Temporary Work Permit
  • Information on Open Work Visas for immediate family members
  • How to qualify for a visa
  • Applying from a country other than Canada
  • Applying from within Canada
  • Entering Canada
  • Details of jobs where no work visa is required
  • List of required supporting documentation
  • Application forms and step-by-step instructions
  • How to pay your fees
  • Where to submit your application
  • Where to get a police clearance and medical examination


Terms and Conditions

By clicking the download link you are downloading a free Canada Visa Application Pack from IVT. IVT is not a government agency and is not involved in the processing of your Canadian visa. Each Canadian Visa Application Pack is free of charge. IVT is not accountable for any information given in the application pack, nor are we liable for any omissions or errors. By clicking the ‘Download Application’ button you understand that Canada Immigration Visa & Travel (IVT) is not a government agency, and that this application pack was designed as an information guide by an independent organization, not by the Canadian government.