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To begin with, Trusted traveler forms are easy to fill out. There’s no complex jargon. Just email us if you need help with your application. You must answer questions about your work, home address, and travel during the last 5 years.  If you’re signing your child up for a Trusted Travel program, parents must fill out the form for their kids. You must fill it out as though your child was filling out the form.

First, find your passport and your driver’s license. Secondly, you’ll also need your PASSID or Known Traveler Number (KTN) if you’re renewing. Finally, if you have a PR card, you’ll need that too.

All first-time applicants must attend an interview at an official enrollment center.

All programs are open to United States citizens & green card holders, Mexican nationals & citizens from over 10 other countries can apply for Global Entry or SENTRI. Canadian and U.S. citizens and permanent residents can apply for NEXUS & FAST.

Trusted Travel programs let you expedite the line when you cross the U.S. border. You must choose the right program for your needs.

You can fast-track through security when you depart from most U.S. airports.

Trusted Travel Programs: Global Entry, SENTRI, NEXUS, FAST, TSA Precheck


Fast Track The Lines When You Travel




Trusted Travel Benefits

Cross the border without waiting in long lines

Use the fast lane when you fly

Get 5 years membership for a one-off fee

Expedite the security lines on departure

Trusted Traveler Programs

Global Entry: Perfect for expedited international air travel when you arrive back in the US or Canada. Free TSA Precheck included.
This program can also be used for land border crossing between Mexico and USA, but you must interview at an enrollment center on the Southern border.

TSA Precheck: Fast track through security on departure from leading US airports. This program is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents only.

NEXUS: For expedited land, air and sea travel between Canada & the U.S. Free TSA Precheck included.


For expedited land travel between Mexico & the U.S. Free Global Entry &TSA Precheck included.


For expedited land travel between Mexico, Canada & the US for commercial vehicle drivers.

Trusted Traveler Eligibility

Global Entry is open to U.S. citizens & permanent residents and citizens of eligible countries like Mexico. Non - U.S. residents may need to obtain docuemtns from their country of residence to prove their low-risk status.

TSA Precheck is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. It can only be used for air travel in the U.S.

NEXUS is open to U.S. and Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Members can also use the card to fast-track security on departure in the U.S. and at the Global Entry kiosks.

SENTRI is open to U.S. and Canadian citizens and permanent residents and Mexican nationals. Members can also use the card to fast-track security on departure in the U.S. and at the Global Entry kiosks.

FAST is open to U.S. and Canadian citizens and permanent residents and Mexican nationals. This program is for truck drivers who hold a commercial drivers license.


We make the application process easy!

We offer a paid-assistance service specializing in Trusted Traveler form filing.

Fill In The Application Form

First, just choose the best program for your travel needs. Then, fill out our fast, easy trusted traveler form.

It will save you lots of time. It's way easier than the government’s form because we've made it jargon-free. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

No question is too trivial. We pride ourselves on great service and attention to detail!


Payable via our payment provider


Global Entry: $100
TSA Pre: $85
NEXUS: $50
SENTRI: $122.50
FAST: $50

Trusted Traveler Form Checking

Subsequently, we examine your Trusted Traveler form in depth. Then we let you know via email about any errors or missing information.

When we have the correct information from you, we set up your account on the government databases.

Then, we carefully enter your information onto the Trusted Traveler database. We let you know the next steps via email.

Submitting Your Application

We provide you with a free form submission to the government. But first, we carefully qualify and check your application form. We send you an email detailing how to take control of your Trusted Travel profile.

Attend An Interview

No matter how old you are, every new applicant has to attend an interview. This takes place at an enrollment facility of your choice. Families can schedule a family appointment by calling the enrollment center.

Activate Your Membership Card

You receive your membership card for Global Entry, SENTRI, NEXUS or FAST within 10-14 days. You need to activate it online before you use it. For TSA Pre you will not receive a card.


Primarily, the way you applied for your Trusted Traveler membership last time has changed. You must reapply using your PASSID, or for TSA Pre, your KTN (known Traveler Number). You can find this either on your membership card or from your approval letter. This makes it sound like renewing membership is a walk in the park, right? Sadly, it’s not that easy. The U.S. government is working tirelessly to keep our country safe from both external and internal threats. To this end, they have made the application process more secure and this means it takes more time.

Now when you reapply, you have to create a new security profile be fore you can get to your original application. We can do all of this for you and speed up the renewal process.

If your membership runs out before you get approval for the next 5 years don’t worry! You can continue to use the travel lanes for 12 months providing you have submitted a renewal application (TSA Pre is excepted from this rule.)

You may be called for interview if some of your information has changed, but there’s no need to attend at an enrollment center. Some renewal interviews can be scheduled online using the Zoom platform.


Primarily, our firm provides checking, processing, and filing for all Trusted Traveler forms offered by the U.S. govt.

However, you should read our terms of service before you use us to process your Trusted Traveler form.

Therefore, please understand that we’re not in any way hired by or related to the U.S. govt. We’re a private company that offers a form filing service for a fee. The cost of our service is extra to the govt fee.

We only check and file your form. Our company can’t alter any decision made by the govt about your application. Additionally, we can’t expedite your Trusted Traveler application.

You have the right to use the US government directly to process your Trusted Traveler form. However, if you exercise this right, you will not get the step-by-step guidance that we provide.

The current wait-time for program membership varies. Firstly, you can get TSA Precheck membership in a week.

However, SENTRI membership can take up to a year. Global Entry, FAST and NEXUS take around 4-8 months. You must attend an interview at an enrollment center. Renewal clients may not be called to interview.


Firstly, we set up your govt security profile

Then, we meticulously error-check your data

Additionally, we provide you with relevant information alerts

When your form is ready, we provide free application submission

We get you to the ’Pending Review’ stage within 48 hours

Next, we email your security login information to take control of your profile

If you want, we can offer assistance with interview scheduling

We’re happy to give you help with denied applications

Your questions are answered every step of the way

We deal with the government on your behalf as much as possible

No crashing forms. Our website is secure and efficient

Fast and fair refund policy

Finally, we provide data security & privacy


We strive to provide a unique and professional service for all of our clients.

You should feel satisfied that the level of service we provided to you was the same as we described in our terms of service. You can read this on the disclaimer on our application form.

The agents who work on your application aim to give you professional, gold star assistance. They are happy to guide you throughout the application process.  

To apply for a refund, just  email us at [email protected]

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Please be aware that you have 90 days to claim your refund.

You will not receive a refund faster than this. We always answer your request within 24 hours.

If you cancel our service, we delete your Trusted Traveler  form from our database within 24 hours.

Check out our privacy policy for more info.

Additionally, we can’t be made liable for anything above our service fee.

Furthermore, we can’t refund the obligatory U.S. government fee Trusted Traveler fees, which you can find listed on our fees